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​RAZ KASMIR has a well stocked inventory of all these items which are specially hand-picked and include, besides carpets and shawls, embroidered dress material for ladies, suede bags and purses of varied sizes with elaborate and graceful embroidery on them of purely Eastern patterns. We also have a sizeable collection of precious as well as semi-precious jewelry to offer to our valuable clients on extremely affordable price. We also import selected handicrafts from Rajasthan, Baluchistan, Nepal and other Himalayan regions. So, drop in for a look and choose something for your dear and loved ones."
​"Kashmir has two things to offer to the world which can be rightly summed up as :
(1) The undying freshness and vibrancy of her natural beauty which have enthralled millions who have visited this truly Heaven on Earth;
(2) The artistic exuberance of her artisans who have produced masterpieces in handicraft, be it the intricately designed and woven carpets, soft textured shawls of finest wool and Pashmina , lacquered paper machie in gold, embroidery pieces and walnut woodcraft , Kashmiri craftsmen are second to none in the world. Artifacts produced by them have won admiration and praise from all over the world.